Newry State Forest, 31 March

 Newry State Forest, 31 March

‘Destruction of world’s forests increased sharply in 2020’. The Guardian, 31.3.2021

‘simply squint/ till words do as bid.’ Kit Kelen 

Checking GIS coordinates, but which coupe?  

In search for the endangered Scrub Turpentine 

and the Native Guava shrub, bush bashing

just find a cicada casing with a Lantana floret.

Neanderthals took care of the sick and the dead, 

pollen clusters of different species of flowers 

seed a grave in Shanidar cave, Iraqi Kurdistan. 

They knew Mother Nature invoked passionately 

by D on the forestry track, working to save us all.  

The late afternoon sun is a brilliant sea urchin

spiking like a virus or the Greek sun god Helios 

shown with rays shooting from his head, no –

more exactly starbursts, an optical diffraction 

light shredded by the blades of a small aperture.

The trees like vertical slatted blinds procure privacy 

for the sun-drenched distant hills. I can see the sea,

my legs are bleeding, a flock of Yellow-tailed

Black Cockatoos are crying in the lazy distance.

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