the recent burials

 Inspired by  ‘Is this the Azure Kingfisher’ Sarah St Vincent Welch

the recent burials


last year it was a friend’s dog

old fella still warm

her child’s best friend

one of her family

bundled and wrapped


we were weak

the soil clay

we smiled at just how weak

we were 


my cracking body 

could still pick axe  

with a shallow swing

chisel head drag

into fractured rock


we made a superficial grave

anchored it with broken bricks 


La Niña keened over Queanbeyan

we talked on the verandah

the wind rattled the carport loose

we remembered that a fox 

tried to dig up the bird

that drowned in our lazy rain-filled bucket

the bird grave in our front garden

today a felled cockatoo

beside the road

her yellow crest still raised

we saw her at dusk


we dug by torchlight



how the cockies talked to us

when we visited this house

swinging upside down

us looking up to hear

just who do you think you are,


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