Kit Kelen reads… “so much unseen to me”…

so much unseen to me

the pocketful dark

curve of the Earth

the turning

frame of bones I am

true meaning of a clock’s intentions

the workings

the unscripted picks

tricks of how come

who to be

mirror and sleep

inward life of the tree

light of the thing in the word

and every other language

sleight of what the hand

and what the eye

garden of the treasure under

frond frog’s languor and leap

unsettling the kick-up

little drama of the leaf

life, death

stairs up to the head

lost footsteps

other planets starring elsewhere

my self hidden

above all others

I’m listening out

I get a whiff

is all of this to wash away?

is all of this to burn?

and of course it’s on the daily kit


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