Ecology Collage Series…

 Ecology Collage Series
rewriting the order of the anthropocene

“Ecology” comes from the Greek oikos meaning “house, dwelling place, habitation” and logia meaning “study of”.

Traversing themes of art, literature, nature, society, technology, science and religion, Arthur Mee’s Children’s Encyclopedias (circa 1960s) remain an unsettling testimony to the ongoing destruction of our original home—Earth—as they extol the virtues of Man, his paradoxical fascination with the “wonders” of nature, and his so-called omnipotent triumph over nature through the capitalist myth of progress. 

Upcycling both the imagery and the ideologies within these volumes, the Ecology series exploits the cutting power of collage and the magnetism of surrealism to invert historical hierarchies, rewrite the divine rule of cosmic order, create worlds within worlds, and collapse human-centric ideologies preserved in western art and literature.

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