standing still the trees: works on paper by Carol Archer


Archer’s drawings and prints celebrate the sense of immersion and wonder one feels when standing with trees. Meanderings near the artist’s home in the Myall Lakes region of N.S.W. and further afield have moved the artist to make these pictures. A preoccupation with light suggests the ephemerality of human perception. The viewpoint, towards ground rather than sky, underlines trees’ resilience and rootedness in ancient earth and rock. 

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Carol Archer

Carol Archer is an Australian visual artist who lives at Markwell in the Myall Lakes region of  N.S.W. Archer’s solo and collaborative works have been exhibited in Australia, Macao, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Sweden, Norway, Spain, Italy and Portugal. Her most recent solo exhibition was Drawing Breath/ Desenhar. Respirar (Sociedade Nacional de Belas Artes, Lisbon, 2017).

Archer’s recent drawings, prints and paintings explore encounters between groups of trees and the walker who pauses along the way. They explore the sense of immersion, wonder and intimacy of that experience. The hope is that these works evoke viewers’ lived experience of trees and their immense value, at a moment when the need to act decisively to protect fragile Australian ecosystems is crucial.  

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                                                                                 Carol Archer, 2020, Garigal Walk (after the fires),                                            Charcoal and watercolour on paper, 76 x 56 cm.

Archer’s work features on the covers of two Flying Island Books: For Unity by Béatrice Machet (2015)

and Encounters: Never Random by Chrysogonus Sidha Malilang (2017). 

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