Where there is a will there is a way

There is a way your legacy can reach across generations through the promotion of the arts and specifically poetry.

As much as it has ever done, poetry renews and deepens the gift that most surely makes us human: the imagination. And that is as essential to public as it is to private life, because the more imaginative we are, the more compassionate we become – and that, surely, is the highest virtue of all.

John Burnside

Why Make a Bequest?

Your bequest will help fund the Flying Islands Poetry Community to continue and expand the publication and distribution of the works of established and emerging poets to the wider community at an accessible low cost.

Flying Islands Poetry Community is a registered charity and relies completely on volunteers for creative talent, distribution, and other takes involved with the publication of books. The increasing cost of commercial printing is our main challenge going forward.

How to Make a Bequest

To make a bequest to the Flying Islands Poetry Community Incorporated include the recommended wording below for inclusion in your will. You can leave a specific amount or a proportion of your residual estate.

Your bequest can be made in memory or honour of family or friends, and we also respect those opting to remain anonymous in their giving. To ensure your bequest wishes are made clear, we encourage open discussion. To find out more or to discuss a bequest, please get in touch.

For further information contact the Flying Islands Poetry Community Treasurer, John Burke on 040404 5410 or by email using the Contact Form on this website.

Recommended wording for your Will

I (insert name) give to Flying Islands Poetry Community Incorporated (ABN 57 806 701 059) (“the sum of $…………..” or “my ………….” (insert precise detail of a specific gift) or “my residuary estate” or “………. % of my residuary estate” or “my whole estate”) for its (insert either “general charitable purposes” or insert a specific purpose from the list below) and the receipt of its authorised officer, for the time being, is a sufficient discharge to my executors for the gift and I direct that this gift be firstly sourced from the income of my estate, if any, then from the balance of the estate.”

Examples of Specific Purposes:

  • to help fund the publication of poetry by a first nations poet;
  • to help fund the publication of poetry by a woman under 25 years of age; or
  • to establish a poetry competition prize in [my name or another name] for poets [set out criteria, if any]

Notifying Flying Islands Poetry Community

If you, a family member, friend or client decides to leave a bequest to Flying Islands Poetry Community, please notify us using our Contact us Form so we can personally offer our heartfelt thanks.