Chris Mansell

Chris Mansell

Chris Mansell studied Economics at the University of Sydney – because she’d read Das Kapital as a teenager and thought economics was the way to understand what is going on. She spent the first ten years of her life on the central coast of NSW, and then she moved to Niugini (Papua New Guinea). At 14, she decided that she would be a poet. She has won the Queensland Premier’s Award for Poetry, Amelia Chapbook Award (USA) and the Meanjin Dorothy Porter Poetry Prize, and was short-listed for the National Book Council Award and the NSW Premier’s Award.

Also by Chris Mansell: Poetry 101 Quads (Puncher & Wattmann/Thorny Devil Press, 2020) Parole (poems in English and French, translated by Tim Thorne, Well Sprung, 2019) Love Cuts poems, images, essay. With Richard Tipping (Well Sprung, 2014) Seven Stations (text only) (Well Sprung, 2013) Spine Lingo: new and selected poems (Kardoorair, 2011) A View from the Beach (PressPress, 2010) Letters (Kardoorair, 2009), Love poems (Kardoorair, 2006) Mortifications & Lies (Kardoorair, 2005) Stalking the Rainbow (Press Press, 2002) Day Easy Sunlight Fine in Hot Collation (Penguin, 1995) Shining Like a Jinx (Amelia, USA, 1992) Redshift/Blueshift (Five Islands Press, 1988) Head, Heart & Stone (Fling Poetry, 1982) Audio Raptors Blue (audio) (Well Sprung, Sydney, 1989) with music by Rob Cousins Seven Stations (CD) composer: Andrew-Batt Rawden (Hospital Hill, 2014), Fickle Brat (audio + text) (IP Digital, 2002) Short fiction Schadenvale Road (Interactive Press, 2011)


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Foxline by Chris Mansell


Foxline reconnoiters the relationship between the land and the creatures on it: Man (a farmer), and Fox. The relationship between the creatures themselves reveals their alien natures. Both claim the land for themselves but neither is autochthonous. They are opposed to each other but have an understanding and an alliance nevertheless because they both kill and have nowhere else.

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