Common or garden poets #8 Magdalena Ball inviting Morgan Bell

False Promise on Petals

For Morgan Bell

‘Train your eye

slalom through sunset webs

Learn quickly.’

 Gillian Swain, “Garden Poem”

Evening pours in 

taking everyone by surprise. 

It’s always the way

heavy and wet, dirt flowing 

like everything you ever needed

but too much all at once

the zucchinis are King Midas

withering in their own liquid gold

potatoes are corrupted, their broken bodies

purple gemstones, bleeding into the earth

cucumbers fall too early off the vine, nourishing

only thriving fungus in mottled shades of grey.

I am also bleeding in, my body in a state

of change, loosened by deluge.

I have always been rain, a false promise

petal softness, cascading down down

into roots dissolving. 

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