Common or Garden Poets – Post #1 – Kit Kelen inviting Jean Kent

secret no one can keep


for Jean Kent



and now everyone knows


it’s the longer light

the mud to life

(a theory once)


how dare

and flirt


first thing from the veranda

an orchestra tuning

instruments of bright


nor anything regular intended

feathers carry word (which isn’t)


insects cone up, gyre like motes


can’t help the odd paint splash now

flowers all put on a show


a riddle in the turning

how we could come to here


woody thickets of delve

where nectar


parrots in mandarin

brazen sneak


glimpse them wing it too

a rite?


commence thirst


near the zenith

throw cloud by shade

we seek 

and shield the eyes from glare


later in the day

burn off last winter piles


a season as ever

never before!


limber and spit

get your hands on it


try a little nakedness now

dance breeze


dusk dew welcome


it is a week premature perhaps

sprightly and soon sprawl


the secret is out

now it’s Spring!


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