Common or Garden Poets

An Introduction to 

Common or Garden Poets

Common or Garden Poets is an open-ended and ongoing Flying Islands Poetry Community initiative. It’s a conversation in poetry, of any kind; poetry, in some way, concerning the garden.

It’s a very simple project. Here’s how it works.

We come into this garden of letters one at a time. That means one poet invites a next by way of dedicated words. I’ll invite Jean Kent, to kick things off, in a post to follow this one.

Once you have been invited to join the common or garden poets you may contribute as often or as rarely as you like. The important thing is to pass the invitation on to one more poet so that the garden grows with new voices.

We’ll post these draft poems here on the THESE FLYING ISLANDS blog and also on fb, and possibly elsewhere. There’s no telling how this garden may grow.  



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