destination Belanglo


destination Belanglo


responding to Tug’s


the Belanglo joke: coming through the forest at dusk, the hitchhiker says to Ivan, ‘it’s getting dark and scary in here’. Ivan replies, ’You’re scared? I’m the one who has to walk back on my own’


it’s always coincidence brings us

atoms to the cell

moments pile


the girl in the boot on the highway    

the narrow escape of her friends


have to imagine thrust and parry

the bundling in


and that these people were, not of their nature, newsworthy


some will say good as she got


warrant outstanding in a twist (interstate)

was this an over-zealous citizen’s arrest?

a knife for compliance from the dream kitchen


so many known unknowns here

and so on, vice versa


narrow, lucky

dizzy in the dark, forced

minus meds in there


though bloody and still bleeding

could poke out a tail light

wave a truck down


would no news have been good for them?

had she gone quiet?

was it all screaming?


so many questions the courts are for

and can have no doubt this was justice

lurid albeit


once were like sisters

and some sisters are

merely acquainted

but you cross a line


motives still under investigation


we do know

it was her own car



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