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If you have any questions about the Flying Islands Poetry Community and its website and blog, or you think should be included in the FAQs please use the Contact us form on this website to submit your questions. We will also appreciate feedback on the website and suggestions how it could be improved.

Get to know us by reading our website. Buy and read some of our books, or borrow them from your library. Participate in a workshop. Come to our events and introduce yourself. When you subscribe to our newsletter you will be notified of our upcoming events.
Nothing, zilch. We occasionally have membership drives where we invite our contacts to be members of Flying Islands Poetry Community Inc.
1. You can just let us know your new contact details by using the Contact us form on this website;

2. When you receive a newsletter there will be a link, unique to you, for you to click and update your profile; or

3. Fill in the subscribe form, the essential fields only. You will receive an error message that you are already subscribed. Click on the link which will send you an email with another link which you can use to update your profile.
Generally no but from time to time the Flying Islands Poetry Community has specific projects whereby donation can be made through the Australian Cultural Foundation and will be tax deductible. The projects will be specifically identified.
Where indicated donations are used for specific projects. These donations are made through the Australian Cultural Foundation.

The principal purpose of the Flying Islands Poetry Community as a registered charity is the advancement of culture by amongst other things production and dissemination of poetry (and related art practices). This can be by way of the production of low cost or free poetry publications, the award of scholarships to emerging poets and the provision of low cost poetry workshops and mentoring programs.
Yes you can if the hard copy and e-book versions are both available. You will be able to tell because the button underneath the book in the Shop will say “Select options”. Select one option, add it to your cart, then select another option and add it to your cart. In some cases you will have a choice of e-book format. Hard copies are $10 plus postage and e-books are $5.

In some cases the hard copy is out of print and in others an e-book version has not yet been produced.
No we don’t as a matter of course as tracking can add at least another $7.00 to the postage cost. As Flying Islands Poetry book are set at a low cost of $10.00. So we want to keep postage to a minimum.

We have confidence in our community and if you confirm you did not receive your items within 21 days of your order we will provide a full refund or provide you with replacement items. It is your choice.

If you require tracking contact us using the Contact us form on this website and include your telephone number. We will then be in contact with you to process a manual order that includes tracking.
If you do not receive your items within 21 days of your order or they arrive damaged or with a defect then you have the option of a full refund or a replacement item. You can read and Refunds and Returns policy HERE
No, GST does not apply to our book sales. Flying Islands Poetry Community Inc. is a registered charity and endorsed by the ATO for GST Concessions. The price of our books is $10 plus postage which is less than 50% of the GST inclusive price of similar poetry books sold by online book retailers in Australia. This being the market value for such books. Accordingly our books are sold on a non-commercial basis and are GST free.

Being GST free a purchaser cannot claim ant tax credits for the purchase of our books.

We only publish approximately ten books each year. Publication is by invitation.
We also may have poetry competitions from time to time. We will advertise any such competition including details of how to submit an entry on this website.
As a registered charity Flying Islands Poetry Community Inc is not permitted at law or by its constitution to provide benefits to members and associates of the community. There are indirect benefits to the author which are analogous to those enjoyed by a researcher who has their paper published in an academic journal.

The ethos of the Flying Islands community is one of engendering co-operation and so as a result we have avoided being prescriptive with our respective rights. In essence an author who has their works published by Flying Islands has granted Flying Islands a non-exclusive license in the publication of their work.

In order to promote Flying Islands and its publications, and therefore poetry each author is provided with 50 copies of their book to do with as they see fit, although they are encouraged to use these copies to advance culture through poetry. They also have the opportunity to place an order for extra copies of the book prior to printing roughly at cost.
There is a Memorandum of Understanding between Flying Islands Poetry Community and its Authors which sets out the relationship with authors.