Flying Islands now has a YouTube channel

Flying Islands now has a Youtube channel!  The purpose of the channel is to showcase the work of poets published in the Flying Islands Pocket Book Series. 

We thought initially we’d concentrate on short videos – one minute of less, give or take- and then include longer ones, including live readings later on. 

So for now PLEASE send your one minute videos to

The preferred format is MPEG. 

I’m happy to offer production advice but am far from an expert in the field. 

Search “making poetry videos” on YouTube and you’ll find heaps of videos.

PLEASE subscribe to the channel and PLEASE share the videos widely. 

I think YouTube is a great way to reach and connect with a wider audience for your poetry. I’ve uploaded a couple of my own attempts to get the ball rolling. 

In conclusion, I’d just like to personally congratulate 


Steve Armstrong 

Robert Edmonds

Myron Lysenko

Irina Frolova

Ross Donlon

Harold Legaspi 

and Chris Mansell

whose books were launched in Sydney on Sunday.

I’d also like to give thanks to Professor K for the indefatigable support he has provided poets and the poetry community over many years. Long may it continue…

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