Geoff Page

Geoffrey Donald Page (born 7 July 1940) is an Australian poet, translator, teacher and jazz enthusiast.

He has published 22 collections of poetry, as well as prose and verse novels. Poetry and jazz are his driving interests, and he has also written a biography of the jazz musician Bernie McGann. He organises poetry readings and jazz events in Canberra.

Page has held residencies at numerous academic, military and political institutions, including Edith Cowan UniversityCurtin University, the Australian Defence Force Academy, and the University of Wollongong. From 1974 to 2001 Page was head of the English department at Narrabundah College, a secondary college in Canberra. He retired from teaching in 2001.

He has travelled widely, talking on Australian poetry in Switzerland, Britain, Italy, Singapore, China, the United States and New Zealand. His poetic style ranges from lyrical to satirical, from serious to humorous – and often addresses his concerns about contemporary society and politics. Judith Beveridge writes that “Page is a humanely satirical poet. He lets us view our condition with a fusion of the comic and the tragic.”

Page is the poetry reviewer for ABC Radio’s The Book Show and, for a decade before that, its Books and Writing program.

Page curated the Poetry at the Gods and Jazz at the Gods series at the Gods Cafe in Canberra, and now curates Geoff’s At Smiths.

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Flying Islands Pocket Poet Publications


trans Chris Song, Matthew Cheng (in National Library of Australia)

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