Alive in Dubbo

‘Gun’ by D.G. Lloyd

Wrecked farm equipment with webbings of dead 
in the open fields of Lazy River Estate …
the overhanging foliage
… more than twenty kilometres out of town
on the old Dubbo Road
was the pistol club.
I had only been a few times.
Luke told me I could get a One Month Membership.

They all said I showed potential.
There were three ranges:
a couple for the .22 calibre and one for the smaller 
air pistol.
It was fun shooting targets every Sunday.
5 bullets. 4 rounds. Timed.

One day some random guy walked in …
paid his membership and went outside.
He loaded the gun …
put the barrel in his mouth and blasted out the back 
of his skull.
But that was not the reason I never went back.
I just lost interest.

I never saw Luke much afterwards either.