Harold Legaspi

Harold Legaspi is a poet writing in Darug land. 

Letters in Language, fromFlying Islands Pocket Books of Poetry series with Cerberus Press and Association of Stories in Macau, January 2021.

Excerpt from The Edge of Seas vs Lost Generation


Neither man nor woman. No beast nor man.

            Begets ideals begets passion begets love begets thought begets survival. A fibrous scar. Abscess. Somewhat difficult.

            Everyday is a war, it is in need of battles that keep without the strange, estranges and arrested development. The first enquiry of available life is a revelation of poetry. Culture is irrational. Somewhat difficult.

            How the Loner outthinks louder with no definition. Amid physical relief, a place or places of falling. Somewhat difficult.

            One is given a gender, seemingly insoluble manifolds or equations. We suggest the flesh. Pus emerges from the third leg or concave viscera, or thereabouts, withdraw it to live life on a beach, or a lifeless planet. How the mind sounds of palms and sugars begets the machines with its substance-abuses. Available life is somewhat difficult.

            An end of equations, equate scaffolds of constancy. To posses will. And gladly achieve values and it does mean virtues and it does not scold or scald.

            Immune to classification. Incalculable. Totally destined and not bone. Aurora Australis.  

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