Iman Budhi Santosa

Iman Budhi Santosa, an Indonesian poet published by Flying Island in 2015, passed away in December 2020. He had dedicated his life to mentor countless creative writers and poets in Yogyakarta, Indonesia since 1969. Iman is known as one of the street poets in Yogyakarta, actively writing poems and plays even in the three-year period when he was homeless and lived in the streets. His poems, both in Indonesian and Javanese, generally revolves around Javanese culture and urban life. 
To commemorate his contribution, a book called Iman Budhi Santosa: Sebuah Obituari will be published and launched in March 2021. 

Before a nameless tomb (translated from Indonesian by Chrysogonus Siddha Malilang and Kit Kelen)

I cowered next to you

 no need for an introduction 

you ran out of relatives

while I was still looking for an address

you’re a book

 I’ve just written the first paragraph 

you’re moss, I’m grass

in the open field

Di sebuah makam tanpa nama

Sesekali aku berjongkok di sampingmu
tanpa harus berkenalam dan merasa perlu

Engkau kehabisan kerabat
aku mencari sebuah alamat

Engkau buku
aku baru menulis paragraf satu

Engkau lumut, aku rumput
di sini semua patut disebut

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