Friends of Flying Islands Poetry Community

Being a Friend of Flying Islands Poetry Community is a great way to keep up to date with all the current Flying Island Poetry publications.

In consideration of an annual recurring payment of $100 (AUD) plus postage and handling you receive hard copies of each of our current publications, usually, eight (8), and four (4) randomly selected publications from previous years. This package also includes e-book versions of the publications where e-book versions are available.

Postage and handling for Australian residents is a flat fee of $20 (AUD). Overseas residents will be invoiced separately for postage and handling. We will only charge for the actual postage and handling costs incurred. This is why the amount to be paid is only shown as $100 (AUD) for overseas residents whereas Australian residents have the postage added in their payment $120 (AUD).

You can cancel at anytime prior to the next annual payment is due.

As for any publisher, publication schedules may vary from year to year, particularly in these challenging times. Flying Islands Poetry Community normally publishes a minimum of 8 titles per year; where the number of new titles falls below 7 in a given year, we will adjust your payment for the following year on a pro-rata basis.

When you become a Friend of Flying Islands Poetry Community you will be sent an email with your own unique coupon code which you can use to access your allocated titles each year you maintain your subscription, in hard copy and e-book format (if available in e-book format)

Level Price  
Friends of Flying Islands Poetry Community - Australian Residents $120.00 per Year. Select
Friends of Flying Islands Poetry Community - Residing Outside Australia $100.00 per Year. Select
Other Logged in Users Free. Select

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