Morgan Bell

Morgan Bell is a Port Stephens’ author of short fiction. Her books include Sniggerless Boundulations, Laissez Faire, and Intersection Control: Collected Works. She is a qualified technical writer, creative writing teacher, and editor of Sproutlings: A Compendium of Little Fictions. Her first chapbook of visual poetry Idiomatic, For The People was released in 2019.

Morgan Bell is an Australian woman, born in Melbourne, Victoria in 1981.

She attended primary school in the regional areas of New South Wales, including the Northern Rivers and South Coast, lived in Newcastle during her high school years, and has lived in Sydney, Newcastle, the Central Coast and Tasmania as an adult.

Morgan is university educated in civil/traffic engineering, technical communications, linguistics, and literature.

Morgan enjoys the visual storytelling of film and TV, which is of course a euphamism for being a couch-potato and movie trivia buff.

Morgan currently resides in Port Stephens NSW with her two cats, Romilly and Sansa, and her mother.

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