one of these days we’ll be discovered

one of these days we will be discovered


little corner, too much information

then it will be as if we were sought

though that cannot be the case


some ones will come here to this place

which isn’t one at all

and ear to the soil of our saying


one of these days we’ll go through the wash

come out gospel clean

sleep like babies in there


it will be a small day

smug rounded for glory

some call triumph too


the day of vindication play

like Jesus on the water always was a bird

like sesamum Buddha

like Bouraq for a Houyhnhnm 

and we’ll be Struldbrugs then


it’ll be on POET’S day of course

sometime and soon

with a weekend lovely looming


cheese and chalk

a toffeyed nose

tricks of all along the way –

the cheering we’ll begin!


we’re building our pyramid

inside out, top down

bit of a leap and it’s a pyre too


the universe is closing now

time is almost over

but one of these days we’ll be discovered

we’re the team coming out on the pitch


everyone will join in

ring to the echo


we’ll find ourselves of course first

work out who to be


till then my humble hunch is

it’s safe for us in here 


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