Patrick Dubost

French poet, play and puppet play writer, Is the author of more than 30 books and 2 C.Ds. He studied mathmatics and mucicology. Publishes at age 24, he started to pen poems not only on paper but through sounds in electroacoustic studios as well. (He is one of the founding members of the collective of poets Ecrits-Studio – website : He is well known for his performances and readings, making his texts to be heard through his voice but also through gestures, transmitting his energy and playng sound tracks he creates for the occasion. His poetry explores metaphisical questions while his eyes linger tenderly on the world. He has been invited to many poetry events in France and abroad. His work has been translated into Albanian, Arabic, Italian, Greek and English. He also writes humorous and falsely naïve books under the pen name of his counterpart and kindred spirit « Armand Le Poête».

Flying Islands Pocket Poet Publications

no need to say anything: preceded by life as a score

sans besoin de rien dire translated Kit Kelen and Béatrice Machet

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