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Adam's Apples: Flower of Kent *  PRIDE COMES BEFORE A FALL


It’s no myth. Flower of Kent is an apple. It could have been a name for the Full Moon if Newton had been a poet. Poets, but not only, see attraction as the ability of falling. Thus, call it collision, gravitation, or not, living on earth one must accept that it entails the process of falling. Alive or not, “things” and people fall.

It’s no surprise. It’s always possible. The phenomenon repeats itself billion and more trillion times a day. This rule is said to be universal.

Logs fall and it’s a matter of sleeping.

Breads fall for butter’s sake.

Stones fall which weigh depend on rage rather than decay (-decline  -degradation  -downturn  -disfavor -disgrace … won’t be studied here).

Fallen people may be lying and resting in a tomb—from the French noun tombe itself being  derived from a verb: tomber. Meaning to fall. Whatever -diving               -stumbling   -tripping up or over is performed. Whatever -blow  -bomb  -imbalance    or  -shot    is the cause.   (delete as appropriate).


You fall  -at  -away   -back   -behind   -below   -beneath   -between   -by   -flat   -for   -from   -heads over heels   -into   -off   -on   -out   -outside   -over   -prey to   -short    -through   -to   -toward   -under …   -within…

It might concern -hurdle   -holes   -traps   -cracks   -stools   -wayside   -bonds  -job  -hook   -line   -sinker   -grace   -love   -heir   -heap   -line   -illness   -power                             -clutches   -disuse   -place   -hands   -eyes   -clouds   -trucks   -laps   -map  -wagon  -sword   -ground   -feet   -knees   -hard   -times   -face   -bed   -favor   -spell   -bits and   -pieces … -floor …

It’s important to have it free.

Never forget: the bigger they come the harder they fall.

Provided you can read I don’t mind this to fall on deaf ears.


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