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art of ignorance by Sou Vai Keng


The texts in the collection are results of the author’s impressions, thoughts and imaginations during her intensive hikes in Black Forest, Germany and Baselland, Switzerland between 2014 and 2018. Most of the poems were originally written in English and later translated or rewritten in Chinese by the author herself.
The drawings in the book are from the series “Lost in Black Forest”, created especially for this publication by the author in 2022, medium being oil crayon and pencil on paper.
As a passionate hiker, Sou continues to take long walks and draw inspiration from forests and mountains for her writing and painting.
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Sou Vai Keng is an artist from Macau. Works include poetry, short stories and painting. Her first English poetry book everybody has a pet was published in 2009.
Sou is also a passionate hiker and likes to create art works inspired by her walks in forests and mountains. Her painting tends to be abstract, medium being Chinese ink on Xuan paper, and lately, aquarelle, crayon, pencil and ballpoint pen on paper.

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