Seem by Alan Jefferies

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The poems continue to evince a kind of spiritual, slightly mystical openness or suggestibility in a language that is demotic, cool-ly neutral: epiphany with no signs of struggle or effortfulness, no rhetorical war-dance.  (Ken Bolton)

“ his lyrics manage to dispel all consciousness of time through the loveliness of their perceptions”

Gary Catalano, Meanjin

“His virtue is elegantly spare, suggestive diction”

Judith Rodriguez (Hobo)

“Jefferies demonstrates his ability to produce finely honed poems that nevertheless invite the reader to participate in extending meaning beyond the written text”

Cornelius Vleeskens (Ulitarra)

 “this is poetry that demands to be read aloud.”

 Danny Huppatz (Southerly)

   … above all, an effortless rhythm and economy, and a studied clarity, making it a lucid collection“

Adam Aitken (Heat)

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Alan Jefferies is an Australian born poet and children’s author now based in Brisbane. Previously he lived in Hong Kong, where he co-founded OutLoud, Hong Kong’s longest running spoken-word event. “Seem” is a bilingual edition (translation by Iris Fan Xing) and his sixth book of poems.

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