Rae Desmond Jones’ ‘Decline and Fall’

i hate them 

the truth is out. and they hate me.

them, the barbarians in baseballs hats, 

twisting in chairs lined up in artificial order, 

and carving their loathing on the tabletops.

do you know why the roman empire fell? I ask.

who cares? a boy giggles.

that is the reason, i say 

you are old & fat, they say.

they are young & fat, I don’t say

because i don’t want them to get healthy.

they can stay ugly and stupid so I can despise them.

why envy the awkward root they didn’t have

or their perfect wet dreams pearling 

                on the television screen?

outside the aluminium rimmed window

a crow strops his beak against a tree trunk 

so that it will be sharp to dig

soft white worms from the dark earth. 

i yearn for that brutal freedom.

the students resist my will although their heads bow

broken for a second.

the room constricts us all.

I almost say get out.

go back to your bad videos and your hopeless dreams:

be unemployable.

daub graffiti on trains

& put as many needles in your arms as you want.

die if it seems romantic

let there be war between us.

from the late Rae Desmond Jone’s flying islands pocketbook Decline and Fall