responding to John Bennett’s love poem


the legislators acknowledged at last


having expelled all thoughts of republic


peace declared universally

with every kind of song and dance

guardians tickled to a fit


everyone listens

we take turns


money’s abolished

the budget is open

machines, but only if they’re fun


everyone will get enough

sleep, cuddles, sweetmeats, admiration

and every tree may grow

come koalas!


your golden age

the borders gone

Zeus patron of the exiles, cross-dressed

open to all suggestion


this is a world of infinite care


or do as you damn well please


no one is blamed for what they can’t help

everyone held to opinion


do we need watches, clocks?

no crimes against humanity!

where no one will remember tomorrow

or read between these lines


all this is proclaimed – a NO year plan

must have been the way I slept


and those who believed in us

whom we loved


the dead shall rise

to our conversation

argue the toss

and call account


it’s all looking good from here


plus a haiku 

the rain persisting here too

I take off my hat

unzip and join in 


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