Store List

These are individuals and organisations that provide ethically and environmentally responsible goods and services. They also support the Flying Islands Poetry Community by allowing Flying Islands to retain a small commission from sales of gift cards and vouchers from this platform.

When you buy a gift card or voucher the supplier is automatically notified of your details. They will then issue you a code you can use at the checkout on their website or by other arrangements with them.

When Flying Islands receives the funds from the credit card processor or by EFT we remit the funds to the supplier less the small commission. This commission pays for the credit card processing fee and the GST on the commission which is not covered by the GST concessions for charities. The balance supports Flying Islands including the publication of the Flying Islands Pocket Poets Series each year.

We welcome applications from potential suppliers to join our list of stores. To find out more and apply click HERE

Total stores showing: 3