Yao Feng #15

Xing Hua Temple

why is it the Buddha –
far from the madding crowd on the hill –
sits lounges an air of serenity, over a lotus throne
while Jesus has his blood shed
on a Good Friday cross?
I'll go upstairs with you
and we'll see the gilt-decked Buddha
projecting dazzling gold
in a world of fireworks
you served the Buddha
with incense and prayer
I didn't stoop
to words of long life or good luck
one always ends up hitting the wall
Bodishattvas climb down at last
the rail on which she leans overlooks
inequalities among the world's mountains

(translated by Kit Kelen)


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Choir Solo

Part 9 of Yao Feng’s ‘Cape Verde Fragments’

being surrounded by the sea is a destiny 

it will never turn around 

it stands on the reefs, commanding you to sing

you don’t have much 

but singing makes you wealthy 

because of song 

birds fly out from your throat

because of singing

flowers come up through the stones 

(translated by Kit Kelen and Fei Chen)

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Camellia Wei 韋靜瑩:許多昨天和一個冬天

Carmellia Wei Jing Ying comes from Guangxi, home of the largest minority in China, the Zhuang. She was brought up in a Zhuang family and was greatly influenced by the native song culture (traditional oral poetry). In 2015 she was completing her Masters degree at the University of Macau.

Links: www.facebook.com/camellia.wei

Flying Islands Pocket Poet Publications

Many Yesterdays More than Seasons

In National Library of Australia

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Cui Yuwei 葦歡:刺

Cui Yuwei, born in 1983, is a bilingual poet and translator based in China. In 2007, she completed an MA in English Literature in Wuhan University. She has published poems in Mascara Review and Cordite Poetry Review (AU). Her works of translation appear in Off-the-Coast (US), The Sons of Camus Writers International Journal (CA) and Ajar (Vietnam). Her Chinese poems are widely seen in various literary journals and collections in China. Currently, she works as an English lecturer in Beijing Normal University at Zhuhai in China.

Flying Islands Pocket Poet Publications

Fish Bones

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Yao Feng 姚風:在合唱中獨唱

Beijing-born poet Yao Feng (姚风) has lived in Macau for many years, and is currently a professor of Portuguese literature at the University of Macau. His poems have been published in many Chinese and Portuguese literary magazines, in both languages, and sometimes bilingually. He is a translator and founding editor of the magazine Chinese and Western Poetry, and was awarded the prestigious Rougang Poetry Prize in 2005.

Flying Islands Pocket Poet Publications

Choir Solo

trans Fei Chen, Kit Kelen

Great Wall Capricio and Other Poems

Translators: 客遠文 Kit Kelen, 管婷婷 Karen Kun, 房霞 Fang Xia

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