Thanks Kit from Dave Hill

Appreciate this expression avenue you’ve provided. Just retired in Macau after 39 years in and around int’l college teaching, did Creative Writing with Levine, Everwine and Co. in Fresno late 80’s, born/raised among Yoruba in Africa. Here’s a pic and a poem. Dave Hill

IF YOU’RE LIKE ME Well.. you are and you aren’t. Example, don’t you paint poetry while I scrawl in Couplets on canvas? You’re warbling birdsome lyrics; I tug the taut wirelets of a damned GranDaddy Short Leg net. Speaking of measuring up, We’re both caught up in this quest among cobwebs Doing something with nothing Doing nothing with about everything Or would we have anything to do… With Each Other?

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  1. welcome aboard Dave… please read the blog rules (about these flying islands and this blog… up to your right) … please ask if you need any help or have quetions about any aspect

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