Today (Feb 2) is World Wetlands day

Today (Feb 2) is World Wetlands day 

In response to your comment yesterday Kit, I was down among the mangroves early, and could hear the Great Egret’s feet sucking on the sand/mud at each step.

FYI. Your beauty (a credit to Grinling Gibbons’ limewood work) is a Double Drummer, our largest and loudest (earplugs needed up here on that 7 year cycle, the loudest insect in the world). The large ones all ‘strafe the ear’ – wonderful phrase. 

Accuracy? Cognitive Naturalism (Allen Carlson) can take things a little far. Gary Snyder begins the poem ‘What You Should Know to be a Poet’ with: ‘all you can about animals as persons / the names of trees and flowers and weeds / names of stars, and the movements of the planets / and the moon . . .’ . 

I’m writing letters this arvo, re logging. As Suzi Gablik writes in The Reenchantment of Art, ‘The great collective project has, in fact, presented itself. It is that of saving the earth – at this point, nothing else really matters.’ 

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