Vaughan Rapatahana (Te Ātiawa)

Vaughan Rapatahana (Te Ātiawa) commutes between homes in Hong Kong, Philippines and Aotearoa New Zealand. He is widely published across several genre in both his main languages, te reo Māori and English and his work has been translated into Bahasa Malaysia, Italian, French, Mandarin, Romanian, Spanish.

I am a Flying Islands poet – Atonement Macau, 2015.

Right now I am in Mangakino. Lake Maraetai is our mighty lake.

at lake maraetai

these swan

glide in

an ontology

alien to my own.

their empyrean metaphysic,

through all dimensions,


& immutable.

in their majesty

they t r a n s c e n d

       this lake

as they dip deep


as they glissade

with immaculate grace

   a c r o s s  

the      surface;

as they foster

their    funicular   of   cygnets 

in all directions.

this archipelago of swan


my inauthenticity

into an ecstasy,

I could once

                  never own.

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