the Clive Palmer Monument


the Clive Palmer Monument


will be smaller than life

and careless thereof…


it fronts the museum of

where the workers were never paid

what they are owed’s colossal!


some say kitsch and some grotesque

something for everyone

dinosaur bones!


both thumbs up

loves a lie

things he touches turn to shit


the Clive Palmer Monument

features the pineapple’s raw end

it is less than a lawnmower    

or see-through Anzac


man that is cut down like a green blade

in his prime…


here’s not the Brahman bull

but steaming product thereof

served on billboards


and – while misboding – here’s

the missing pizzle part

(you’d need a microscope

that’s how fast he drives, flies, litigates)


really it is a hole in the ground

plenty of poison for everyone


the Clive Palmer monument

is being erected by the legal profession

(kind of a thank-you note)


It’s where ‘Midas has ass’s ears’ is buried

and there to this day the grass is singing

it’s all about Clive – always was and always will be  



makes great

the lone and level sands stretch far from…


General Clive’s drive

by the church called Saint Clive’s

statue of the sleeping Cross-Bencher


Clive is a one man rotunda  

a sun comes out of his nethers to shine

best of all

Clive is still alive


what a rascal!

delightful mischief!  boys own

takes so long to wipe up there


the tropics their own monument

why try to make any sense?


the Clive Palmer tribute is something

not quite biodegradable

was thrown from a car with much deliberation

a kind of minor trumpery, before and after that avatar

there was a time when you could vote for this


and because you ask me

I can confirm

yes this is all personal –

we call the highway Bruce


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